The following categories of private coaching are available in person (dependent upon location) or via Skype:


Musical Theatre Audition/Song Choice/Musical Theatre Dance

Wow them at your next audition when you have new song choices with interesting cuts. You will be given in-depth acting, vocal, and movement coaching as pertaining to specific audition material.



Need help finding new audition monologues? Receive in-depth acting and movement coaching on your audition material.


College Audition Prep/Materials

Get yourself ready for college auditions with some one on one coaching on your audition material.




One Hour Session – $75

“Star to Be” Package (4-one hour coachings) – $260 (savings of $40!)



Line Learning Guide and Reader

Struggling to learn your lines in a timely manner for your next show?  No one to run lines with you? Learning lines is an art, and you need to develop techniques that work for you.  Get coaching on memorization techniques as well as someone who will simply run lines out loud with you when no one else will.



One Hour Session – $50

“Memorization Master” Package (4-one hour coachings) – $160 (savings of $40!)



Musical Theatre Workshops

Workshops can cover a number of different theatre elements including, but not limited to, scene study, cold reads, acting while singing, the art of auditioning, and musical theatre dance.  Workshops are flexible and generally for groups ranging between 5 and 30 students.



Negotiable, dependant on class size, content, hours, and timeframe.



Payments will be made through Venmo or Paypal.